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How we work?


We prioritise your needs and use effective communication as the base for our co-operation.


Analysis and Consulting

Together we discuss your requirements and prepare a detailed preliminary analysis to help you choose a tailored solution or suggest improvements to your existing systems. We also provide consulting in UX. With us you can be sure that your system will be intuitive and user-friendly.


Project Management

In our company waterfall methodology harmoniously coexists with agile approach. Before project kick-off, we make a detailed analysis of risks, draw a general working plan and decide which documentation is crucial for delivery. We will assist you with ensuring that your chosen solution meets all legal or other requirements that may be requested by the governing body. We develop software according to iterative and incremental Scrum framework. Throughout the project we constantly verify priorities and keep you updated on the status.


Tests and Integration

To develop our software we use Test-Driven-Development alongside traditional user testing activities. We author automatic tests and test cases for all features that are part of the scope. Our agile techniques and continuous integration approach allow us to offer feature implementation that speeds up the delivery of new items to your product. We ensure continuous backward compatibility and product versioning. During development, every functionality and change is checked by the team of testers and automatic scripts.


Implementation and Handover

After the development of your system is completed we enter the implementation phase during which we provide you with comprehensive system training. We provide post-production support to ensure everything is running smoothly. Our service team will make sure you are confident in operating your new system. However, should you have any questions, our dedicated support team is only a call away.


Updates and Maintenance

Our contracts include regular system maintenance and all updates so you can always enjoy the latest version of your product. We proactively monitor efficiency and system performance to ensure your system is operating without a glitch. We ensure technical support and maintain security and quality standards with 24/7 SLA guaranteed support structure. By keeping your software fully operational at all times, we ensure you can operate your business without unnecessary headaches and provide uninterrupted support to your clients.

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